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We provide bespoke musculoskeletal treatments aimed at helping guide you back to recovery after injury, lessen the impact and suffering of chronic conditions, and improve the overall balance between the Muscular, Skeletal and Nervous Systems. Equilibrium is our aim, and Synergy (Chiropractic) will help you achieve it.

We utilise techniques from Chiropractic (Diversified and Gonstead), Sports Therapy (Massage, Cryotherapy, and Rehab Protocols), Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage (Tui Na) and Western Acupuncture (Dry Needling). We are also qualified in Nutritional Medicine and can advise on various aspects/impacts of food and disease.

We have expertise in treating anyone from an Elite Level Athlete, to a Retiree.

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Synergy Chiropractic Treatment Methods


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Sports Therapy

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Chiropractic The Synergy Way

What makes us different?

We're glad you asked!

The Director of Synergy has the ability to use any and ALL of the technique systems that have been assimilated over his career. With a clinical background featuring heavily in the soft tissue therapy industry, we will always utilise a combination of therapeutic skills to reduce the maximum amount of tension and dysfunction on every visit.

Why see a therapist who has multidisciplinary skills?

  • Because you are receiving the Insight and knowledge of the Synergy Therapist on all of the treatment systems and how they are combined to achieve the maximum benefit.
  • Individual treatments that would otherwise be administered by separate therapists, separate visits, with separate £££ costs incurred, are all done in a singular session and by an experienced, multi qualified therapist.
  • The best possible combination of techniques and therapies are used, thus maximising the likelihood of recovery

How can we administer these skills in the clinical time frame/appointment schedules that we provide?

Experience and perfecting the art!

  • We are not a practitioner of any singular system, and do not take a dogmatic and rigid view of the various chiropractic methods and philosophies around.
  • Our primary focus is to determine the most effective and suitable methods for you, and to use them.
  • Just as we believe in the Synergy of the body, we also believe in achieving Synergy between the techniques utilised to keep you in balance.
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The Journey to Recovery, What Does It Look Like

3 Steps

Step 1. Symptom Reduction

In this stage, the focus is on lessening your pain & discomfort, reducing swelling (Oedema), and minimising your exposure to adverse movements and activities. In the early stages of injury/irritation, predictable amounts of inflammation occur in the affected region, often with an accompanied protective muscular spasm(s). While inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain are completely natural and programmed reactions to injury, they can become disabling and disproportionate fairly easily. Keeping these reactions to a minimum (functional level) is the goal.

Typically there are many physical limitations at this point involving the injured structures, but as you begin treatment, you will slowly begin to see reductions in all of the above elements listed. It is crucial to follow clinical advice at this juncture about activities and movements that are possible, as ignoring it will have an adverse impact on successful recovery.

Once all or most of your symptoms have subsided, your body moves through to the next stage.

Step 2. Restoration of Normal Function

This stage arrives after a predicted amount of treatments that are prescribed at the outset of a consultation, after a set amount of time, and after adhering to clinical advice. Objectively and subjectively, you are back to ‘normal’, the level of functionality of your problematic area(s) is optimal, and there is a lack of any physical limitations/symptoms that you had been suffering from.

There is never a completely ‘fixed number’ of clinical interventions/treatments that will guarantee that you reach this stage. Variables such as age, systemic health, flexibility levels, activity levels, professional and recreational (sporting or hobby) demands, and adherence to advice will influence the journey to recovery. The best way to think of the journey, is to regard the process as a ‘therapeutic alliance’. What do we mean by this?


  • The Therapist treats you utilising all of the clinical skills and techniques they have acquired to assist you.
  • You follow all advice given (On The use of Cryotherapy, Rest, Stretching, Rehab Exercises, Etc) and avoiding the things that aggravate/exacerbate/prevent recovery.

The alliance is made between patient and clinician with the knowledge that, if there is a beneficial ‘synergy’ between them both in actions and goals, recovery is not only more likely, but more successful. In the process of healing, a clinician is an expert facilitator, while the patient’s body does the ‘healing’ itself.

If both parties are aligned, the clinician using clinical experience and pertinent research, can advise on a more predictable amount of both ‘time to heal’ and sessions required to do so.

*It is important to note that everything is kept under a progressive review, and if results do not occur as expected, alternatives will be immediately considered*.

Step 3. Stabilisation/Rehab to Prevent Further Re-Occurrence

The final stage involves pertinent advice, activity modification, and any appropriate rehabilitation exercises being given to address any functional issues. It is at this point you may be discharged as a patient, having the option to consult us again should a repeat occur.

In some cases (particularly chronic conditions), you may choose (or be advised) to continue to have regular treatments, with the aim to not only prevent re-occurrence, but to optimise the function of your musculoskeletal system. There is no obligation to do so, but many do choose to, and benefit from regular sessions.

An illustrative example below will demonstrate the two common paths (*session number and time frames vary according to patient and presenting issues*):

  • Specific Musculoskeletal Injury, Predicted Number of 3 to 5 Sessions, Successful Recovery and Rehab, Discharge at 3-6 weeks.
  • Specific Musculoskeletal Condition, Predicted Number of 3 to 5 Sessions, Successful Recovery and Rehab, Choice Made to Continue Treatments at a Variable Time Rate in line with Clinical Needs.

Remember, either path is valid and possible, you may find one suits you better than the other. Some factors that make what we call the ‘maintenance’ pathway (2) appropriate are:

  • MSK conditions that will not involve complete symptomatic (and) or functional recovery. Examples being degenerative, systemic, and chronic (long term) conditions.
  • A Job, Lifestyle, Activity/Sport that exposes someone to the same elements/variables that caused the initial injury/irritation/condition.

In either of the above examples, if path 2 is the chosen route, treatment interventions are conducted along a predictable but flexible rate. If you remain asymptomatic, completely functional, and observably ‘ok’ time is added to the length between advised sessions.

As an example:

If in 4 weeks all of the above occurs, you are advised to consult us again in 6 weeks time. If you present with no issues, 8 weeks is advised and so on and so forth. If the goal of reaching the recommended time frame is not met because symptoms manifest and functional issues return, the time between sessions (interventions) is shortened appropriately.

The expansion or contraction of time advised is completely and wholly bespoke to you and your clinical needs as they arise.

Theoretically you should remain symptom free and functionally competent between appointments and only notice mild signs before you are due to attend (hence the reason for visiting).

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